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Learn how to create an incredible 100% professional website in a visual environment, quickly and easily.

WiX: How To Create Amazing Websites

Step by Step


You just need to have a laptop and a very basic knowledge of internet browsing

BASIC COURSE - in this course you will learn:

- Define the objectives you want to achieve with the website you are going to build.


- Build a basic website with a 100% professional appearance, adding call-to-action buttons, eye-catching image galleries, multimedia elements (video and audio), etc ...


- Manage social networks within your site.


- Administration of the Design of your WebSite - handling of the editing tools - animations, configurations and tips.

- Explanation about the SEO of your site to be searchable in search engines.


- Define what is the page structure that your site should have.


- Manage a blog adding, modifying and removing all kinds of articles to attract more traffic to your site.


- Capture and manage your site's subscribers.


- Restrict access to certain pages of the site exclusively to registered persons

Video Conferencias Zoom

$ 25.00

Includes: Basic Course - value x module

Partner Package - $ 120

Includes: Basic Course

4 modules - 3 people - $ 10 x module

Premium Package - $ 180

Includes: Basic Course - Intermediate - Expert

12 modules - 4 x courses - $ 15 x module

$ 80.00

Includes: Basic Course - 4 modules - $ 20 x module

This Course Includes:

  • 2 hours of virtual class

  • Recording of each module sent by Google Drive

  • Zoom authorization x module x course

  • Saturday classes


It is increasingly necessary to have a website, whether you are looking for a job or want to start a business, if you have a consolidated business or simply for your personal use.


In an increasingly globalized world, being communicated and accessible is a necessity .


Before, creating web pages was a complex task reserved only for people with a high technical profile, but today that has changed and everyone can develop their own website.


Learn everything you need to know to build a website from scratch with this basic course.


  1. Identify the objectives you intend to achieve

  2. Structure the site based on the previous point

  3. Build it with the WiX Editing tool

  4. Maintain and promote the site


And all this you can achieve even if you don't have technical knowledge and with very little effort.


What are the advantages of investing in our RC Academy Learning Courses:


- Low investment cost and depending on the amount you will have a more personalized website.

- The end result is probably what you expect, since it is difficult to transmit all your needs to a third party.

- A website always has to be updated , if you know the process yourself you can take care of the subsequent maintenance, otherwise you will always depend on someone and that has an additional cost.

What does RC Academy offer you to be able to build your website?


- You can build a complete website at very low cost.
- With a free account you can manage all the websites you want.
- Hundreds of free templates made by design professionals, which will make your site look really attractive.
- Visual editor , insert elements with no more than 3 mouse clicks and place them on the page where you want them to appear, simply by dragging them with the mouse.
- Total and absolute customization of the site, both the version that users will see when they access your website from a computer and what

they will see when they do it through a mobile device.
- SEO settings to make it easier to find you.
- Complete management of a blog and your subscribers.

What characteristics does this course present?


- Covers all the functionality of the WiX tool described in the previous point.
- We know that distance learning requires extra motivation, that is why all our classes and courses include additional added values ​​for all participants, such as special discounts at our Agency - raffles for specific services, among others.
- They comply with the quality standards and good practices that are required of a non-face-to-face course, video in high definition format, follow-up self-evaluations so that you know your degree of assimilation of concepts, among others.
- We build a website from scratch that could be a real case, we do not teach the concepts in isolation but we tell how to use them in a real case, in which we cover all phases of construction, from planning to final maintenance .

If you want to learn how to build a website quickly and easily with one of the most used tools on the market (WiX has more than 25 million active accounts ), this is your course. Go ahead and I wish you a happy and enjoyable learning.





  • Introduction

  • WiX Editor

  • Site page management

  • General site design

  • Word and image processing

  • Image Galleries

  • Add media to your site

  • Add shapes and lines

  • Facilitate navigation on your site and meet objectives

  • How to embed a blog on your website

  • Review of general concepts

  • Introduction to social media

  • Embed Apps on your site

  • Lists, mobile view and WiX options

  • Summary of what has been learned and annexes with new WiX functionalities

  • Evaluation x session by the professional.




  • Introduction

  • Objectives of the project

  • Editing tools



  • Choice of the Menu

  • Editing tools

  • Applications



  • Editing tools

  • Control Panel Settings

  • Pricing Plans - Introduction



  • Job submission

  • Questions and answer

  • Raffles and Introduction Intermediate Course

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